Various Types of Footings and Foundation in Commercial Construction

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Foundation is a structural part of a building on which a building stands. Foundation transmits and distributes its own load and imposed loads to the soil in such a way that the load bearing capacity of the “foundation bed” is not exceeded. The solid ground on which the foundation rest is called foundation bed. We use various types of footing as a foundation.

Foundations are mainly two categories.

1. Shallow foundation –

Shallow foundation is a type of foundation that transfers load to the very near the surface. These foundations works where the ground is strong or the soil is strong enough to carry the load of the structure.

2. Deep foundation –

Deep foundations are those foundations where the load is transferred too deep into the ground. These are used when the soil of the ground is loose and is incapable to bearing the load of the large heavy structures.

The foundation is the basis of any civil structure. A strong foundation guarantees the strength of the overall structure.

The video here gives the idea about the different types of foundations / footings used in the residential and commercial construction. The different foundations shown and explained in this video are Slab on Grade, Piers foundation, Wall Foundation and Column Foundation.

Types of footings


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