Review of BluebeamRevu Softwre – Estimating with BluebeamRevu

Civil engineers come across a number of projects daily. Be it small like designing and constructing a 1BHK or be it the project of a multi-storied business hub, the work is never easy. The project includes designing and estimation of everything. Even the most insignificant detail becomes relevant.

Let us take an example and try to understand the issues you face every single day. You need to do the flooring of a room. How are you going to get the approximate estimation? Taking the basic steps for your calculation.

Determine the total square footage you require to do or change and the material required,

Add 5% for wastage,
Know the price per square foot for the flooring,
Know the price of installation and
Put it all together. Tedious, isn’t it!
These are the estimations you have to do on daily basis including plumbing, Roofing and Painting as well. That must be a lot of work, knowing rates, technical knowledge, wearying calculations and what not. Seems really boring and time – consuming.

We introduce to you a solution, BluebeamRevu Software.It lets you create and navigate smart, information-rich document sets from converted Microsoft Office and CAD files. Make your work more promising by adding notes and explanations. Working becomes easier as you can work on the same 2D and 3D PDFs with your project partners in the office or in the field.

BluebeamRevu lets you convert office documents to PDFs and vice versa, add comments to make your work PDFs more clear, lets you collaborate with your colleagues working on the same project by uploading and sharing the files to the cloud or your server and to organize.



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