Preparing Bar Bending Schedule Sheets using Bar-Be-Que Software

Bar Bending Schedule is the sheet containing all the information for the bars to be used for RCC, such as length, diameter, bending angle, thickness, type, location and number of bars. It contains the detailed drawing of each element.

Creating BBS is an extremely rigorous and time consuming process. Precision is important. Also steel bars are expensive and hence to save the cost overrun, knowing exact number of bars required plays a vital role. BBS should be prepared following the codes of BS or IS depending upon the requirements.

Preparing Bar Bending Schedule Sheets using Bar-Be-Que Software

To make the process easier and faster, a software called Bar-Be-Que should be used. It is totally independent with already fed formula and principles. All that is needed is to enter the specifications, and the software comes up with precise salable graphical sketch for all the bars. Bar-Be-Que also comes up quality estimation reducing the cost over runs.

The Bar Bending Schedule sheets for reinforcement steel which are prepared by Bar-Be-Que can be printed directly.

Download BarBeQue software for BBS and quantity & quality estimation for reinforcement steel at


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