PlansandSpecs – Manage Construction Project Documents Easily

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Any project, be it construction or any other, involves a lot of documents. A construction projects to be specific, involves following documents –

  • Contract Agreements and Contracts
  • Statement of Work
  • General Conditions
  • Special Conditions
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Drawings
  • Master Format Outline
  • Creating Construction Schedule
  • Costs in Construction Industry
  • List of Common Types of Construction Insurance

Moreover, there can be other documents also like – Instruction forms, Time extension claim, Request for information, Preliminary building agreement, Progress payment certification, Practical completion notice, Defects document, Contract information statement, etc.

For the successful and efficient completion of the project, it is necessary that all the documents be properly managed. Handling of documents can be made effective using the software PlansandSpecs.  Through improved collaboration, superior organization, and reform workflows for the documents and files, this software’s specific design allows better overall project management which can make a project successful.

Therole-based environment of the software facilitates the project team member to get authentic and simplified tools which are quite visible, for dealing with important project documents. This management makes a construction project quicker, superior and cheaper.

PlansandSpecs have a well organised cloud-based storage system, which allows to access the documents from anywhere, any device using secured web browser. This anywhere access makes the work faster and efficient for the project team members. The tasks entrusted to the team members can be completed faster.

This software provides the option of customization reporting which makes working with the software easier. It allows conjunction with other softwares like BidVue and BIMfx which facilitates powerful document and project management. Moreover, PlansandSpecs empowers the user to take snapshots at times, it enhances real-time monitoring of project timeline, hence making the project success definite.

So go ahead, download the PlansandSpecs software for guaranteed success of the construction project.

PlansandSpecs – Manage Construction Project Documents Easily

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