How to make Spreadsheet for Civil Engineering Calculations

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Civil Engineering involves designing and construction of structures and their maintenance. Designing of civil structures is typical and the calculations are rigorous. Use of spreadsheets facilitate the engineers to carry out these tasks efficiently with verification.

Different elements of civil engineering are computation of blast pressure on the basis of TNT value, sleeper design, combined footing design, vertical vessel octagonal foundation design, horizontal vessel foundation design, base plate design, isolated foundation design, design of two-way slab according to ACI, design of pipeline anchor block,design of Beam according to ACI.

Civil engineering spreadsheets are automated sheet designed such that it has pre-fed formula which make calculations easier and faster. They can be used for calculating loads, design civil structures and make other calculations.

Building civil engineering calculations spreadsheet

Download the step-by-step PDF guide showing how to build spreadsheet for civil engineering calculations.


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