MACROZA Wall Chaser makes your wall chasing job easy

Concrete Construction

MACROZA wall chaser is a specialised power tool used for cutting narrow grooves in walls. The tool is usually powered by an electric motor which drives a pair of grinding discs positioned closely together.

A few guideline to be kept in mind while doing the chasing work are –

  • Chase cut-outs should always be vertical or horizontal between start and finish on the wall – never cut a chase at an angle between these two, nor step the channel.
  • Vertical chases should be no deeper than one third of the wall thickness.
  • Horizontal chases should be no deeper than one sixth of the wall thickness.
  • Chases on opposite sides of a wall should not be in line, i.e. ‘back to back’.

The construction professionals can treat themselves with the MACROZA wall chaser which not only streamlines and speeds up the chasing work but also saves you money and time.

Video here gives the demonstration of the working of the MACORZA Wall Chaser. As can be seen this wall chaser is used to embed wires, conduits, pipes toward the electrical, plumbing heating and air-conditioning industries. This makes the complex work a lot easier for the contractors.

MACROZA Wall Chaser

The wall chaser can cut horizontal, vertical, diagonal and even curves through the wall. It is easy to use, as it stands on the wall so need to carry its weight, the operator just need to push it in the direction of the cutting. The wall chaser doesn’t even produce too much dust hence making the job clean.

The MACROZA is an old brand available in 25 countries presently. The MACROZA Wall Chaser uses a Tungsten Carbide tipped milling blade which makes it easier to cut through the rigid and harsh materials like concrete, precast concrete and stone.

Watch the demo video of MACROZA Wall Chaser machine to know more.

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