Learn How to Estimate Construction Labor Cost

Construction Estimating

Once the construction is completed, what is there before us is the raw structure which needs beautification. Learn how to do construction labor cost estimate. Plastering and colouring is the next step towards the completing of a project.

Plasterwork refers to the adornment done with plaster, such as a layer of plaster on an interior or exterior wall structure, or plaster decorative mouldings on ceilings or walls which gives the final touch of completion to the structure. And the colouring is done once plasterwork is finished to add colours to the place.

Now this plastering and colouring work requires labour and estimate has to be made to get the overall expense. To calculate the expense, first the overall area needs to be calculated. The labour rate has to be fixed. The time required of the plasterwork has to be estimated. And finally the overall cost estimate of painting and plasterwork labour is found.

The video here, by Civil Engineering Academy, exclusive explains with an example, an elaborate procedure to estimate the labour for painting and plastering.

Just go through the video once, and you get a perfect idea about the procedure.

Learn How to Estimate Construction Labor Cost


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