Framing Material Takeoff Sheet – Framing Material Estimate Template Download

Construction Estimating

Framing in construction is the most basic step towards building a strong structure. Framing is the fitting together of pieces to give a structure support and shape. Usual framing material used are wood, engineered wood or structural steel.

Framing work start by estimating lumber (wood logs) required for the job, sheeting and siding material. A good estimating rule for stud counting is one stud per lineal foot for door and window trimmers, intersecting wall channels and corner drywall backing. Headers, posts, and hardware are measured and counted individually.

Framing Material Takeoff Template

The basic steps for Framing Material Takeoff Estimates involve sketching the framing, determining the logical sequence of framing the building, amount of studs needed, and quick estimate calculation of studs. No. of headers needed while framing, roof truss calculation and finally estimating amount of sheathing required. This complete process gives the Framing Estimate and the cost estimate can be calculated by getting the individual pricing of each material, hence making the total cost estimation.

The suggestion from our side, to reduce unnecessary workload and long calculation, to download a prepared Framing Material Takeoff and Estimates spreadsheet. All your efforts come to end. Read the drawing, enter the dimensions and values into the spreadsheet, and the automated functions will do the cost estimate.

No need to do the work manually in this age of technology. Make your work faster and efficient with the spreadsheet which is easy to use, automated and can be customized according to the need.

Framing Material Takeoff Sheet

Download the Framing Material Takeoff and Estimate spreadsheet at:

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