Download Schedule Bar Chart for Construction – Construction Gantt Chart

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Download Schedule Bar Chart for Construction – Construction Gantt Chart

The bar chart (Gantt chart) is used for the representation of a project where the activities are represented by horizontal segments, the length of which is proportional to the time required to complete the task in question.The bar chart is an effective tool for the management of work in a project.

The basic procedure is that the complete project is divided into major activities, then these activities are prioritised, that is which activity is to be done before the other activity starts. The duration of each activity is analysed based on experience and previous job’s record. Once the priority and duration is fixed, the bar chart schedule can easily be created.

The Schedule Bar Chart has many advantages and are very useful. The estimator requires the schedule in order to develop proposed methods and estimates. The site manager needs the chart at the start of the work to determine his resource requirements.During execution of the works, the site manager needs the chart to assist him to direct his resources, to monitor progress, to evaluate the effect of the changes that may be imposed by varying productivity, by mistakes, by unforeseen physical conditions or by the owner.The foreman need the schedule in order to know when and where to allocate labors, as well as to order materials.

As can be inferred, the preparation of Schedule Bar Chart is very vital. Not only this, the bar chart helps in the allocation of resources which in turn is helpful in making the estimation for the resources like required man-hour and equipment.

Guarantee yourself success with the scheduled bar charts for the projects. It keeps the check on the project progress by time tracking according to the prepared schedule. The timely completion of the project enhances the reputation of the contractor.

Download Schedule Bar Chart for Construction

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