Download Roofing Calculator to Calculate your Roof Work

As the construction phase of your house nears end, roofing comes into picture. Calculation of the area of the roof and the material required to complete the flooring becomes the main focus.

The calculations for the area and the materials required for the flooring can be done using a Roofing Calculator which makes troublesome process easier and faster. Just enter the dimensions of the floor and flooring material you are using, Roofing Calculator will give you the area to be covered and the material required. The cost of the material can be also be estimated.

If the shape of the roof is complicated with elevations, slopes and circular shapes, etc. then it is advised to divide the roof into simple shapes and calculate the area individually. Slope factors can also be used which are given with the calculator for your convenience.

Download Roofing Calculator

Download Roofing Calculator to Calculate your Roof Work

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