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Cost estimators collect and analyze data in order to estimate the time, money, materials, and labor required to manufacture a product, construct a building, or provide a service. Estimators are responsible for obtaining tenders, obtaining of material costs, calculation of tenders taking into consideration project management and overheads. The role of an estimator can be a much pressured one, and requires a great level of concentration, some of which will result in erratic office hours to ensure tender return dates can be achieved.

Considering the intensity and seriousness of work, hiring an Estimator seems to be a costly affair. We suggest you to download the software instead. And if you are an Estimator yourself, don’t get offended, you too are invited to use this software and make your work efficient and less time consuming. No need of manual work anymore, let the machine do the hectic work for you.

Estimator – Powerful Civil Engineering Estimation Software is for Architects, Contractors and Engineers. It helps you to prepare various Estimates and Rate Analysis of residential and commercial buildings.This is fast moving software with high performance. This software is very user friendly and helps you get the cutting edge of accuracy in preparing estimates and managing your projects.

Download Estimator – Powerful Civil Construction Estimation Software

Various features of using this Estimator software include user-friendly interface, easy installation and option to customize various report formats. Prepare schedules of quantities, bill of quantities, material estimates, do the rate analysis and floor totals, make summary and purchase order, and so much more using the software.

Gone are the days when going to sites and fields were part & parcel of civil engineering, do the estimates in the comfort of your office. Visit the link and download the Estimator software.

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