Download Detailed Construction Estimating Sheet and Templates

The preparations of Detailed Construction Estimate consist of working out quantities of various items of work and then determine the cost of each item. This is prepared in two stages.

The First stage being Details of measurements and calculation of quantities. The complete work is divided into various items of work such as earth work concreting, brick work, R.C.C. Plastering etc., The details of measurements are taken from drawings and entered in respective columns of prescribed sheet. The quantities are calculated.

The Second stage is Abstract of estimated cost. The cost of each item of work is worked out from the quantities that already computed in the details measurement form at workable rate. But the total cost is worked out in the prescribed form is known as abstract of estimated form. 4% of estimated cost is allowed for petty supervision, contingencies and unforeseen items.

The detailed Construction Estimate also include Report, Specification, Drawings, Design charts and calculation and Standard schedule of the rates.

All the takeoffs done till now, separately will now combine to contribute the detailed estimate. These takeoffs individually made some estimates, which can now be added to have total estimate. Different takeoffs may include site work, concrete, masonry, structural steel, lumber, HVAC ductwork, insulation, roofing, windows, doors, hardware, plumbing, drywall, acoustical ceiling, ceramic tile, flooring, painting and electrical expenses.

The important factors that need to be considered while preparing Detailed estimate are Quantity and transportation of materials, Location of site and Local labor charges. The rate per unit of an item need to be fixed before making the detailed estimate. These rates include quantity of material and cost, cost of labor, cost of equipment and overhead charges.

Download the Detailed Construction Estimate excel sheet template, and make the whole estimation process easy and fast. Just enter the quantity and rate of each item and the final estimate will present itself to you.

Detailed Construction Estimate

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