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Concrete mix design may be defined as the art of selecting suitable ingredients of concrete and determining their relative proportions with the objective of producing concrete of certain minimum strength and durability as economically as possible.

The cost of concrete is made up of material cost, equipment cost and labor cost. The variation in the cost of material arises from the fact that cement is several times costlier that aggregates. So it is natural in the mix design to aim at as lean a mix as possible. Therefore the main objective is to reduce the cement content to a concrete mixture without sacrificing the desirable properties of concrete such as strength and durability.

The cost of labor depends on the work-ability of mix, e.g., a concrete mix of inadequate work-ability may result in a high cost of labor to obtain a degree of compaction with available equipment.

Solving a Mix Design Concrete in just 8 Steps in this video:

Considering all the above factors, it becomes quite evident that in order to get the prefect combination of strength, durability, work-ability and minimum cost, a number of permutations and combinations of ingredients for the mix have to be tested. This is going to require simulation for sure. What better way to do this, except the excel worksheet.

However, feeding every value in excel manually is a tiresome work. No worries, we are here for you. We provide you link to the ready template for your Concrete Mix Design, you don’t have to remember the ingredients, they are all mentioned there with all the other essentials.

Also provided to you is the Concrete Mix design calculator as excel sheet. All you need to do is feed some values, some proportion, automated functions does all the simulations and present the result to you. Moreover, it also gives you the cost of the mix.

Download Concrete Mix Design Excel Template

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