Download Concrete Estimating Sheet, Steel Estimating Spreadsheet Download

A composite material which hardens over time, composed of coarse aggregate bonded together with a fluid cement, is called the Concrete.To provide tensile strength, most of the times the concrete is poured with reinforcing material such as rebar, yielding reinforced concrete.

To give the structure the basic strength, it necessary to build a strong concrete base. A concrete structure consists of beams, slabs, columns and foundations. The volume of concrete required for concrete structure can be calculated by summing up the volumes of each structural member or each parts of members. Also to enhance the overall stability of structure, steel elements and beams are to be added to the concrete structure. The calculation of requires studying the complete drawing and understanding the need of the building.

Calculating estimate using worksheets makes the work extremely easy. An elaborate cost database of all the cost categories including sitework, formwork, reinforcements, concrete and repair. You don’t need to dig around the documents to find these costs. You even get the amount of concrete needed to cover the area with concrete. Just enter the dimensions of the member and the worksheet will do all the calculations for you, using its automated functions.

Estimating the cost of Steel requires carrying out steel takeoff process. Takeoff for steel pipe or steel construction to get the precise building materials price is to be done. Using a worksheet will be of great advantage. Reduce unnecessary workload and make work faster and efficient.

So why waste time going through the documents and working over calculators? We suggest you to work the smart way. Download the Concrete and Steel Cost Estimation Worksheet. It is easy to use, user friendly, can be customised according to the needs and has automated functions.

Download Concrete and Steel Estimating Sheet at:

Download Concrete Estimating Sheet

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