Download Concrete Calculator and Make Concrete Estimating Easy

Concrete calculation is the estimation of weight and volume of concrete required for the size, or area of the land that needs to be covered. Concrete is the base of any construction project, be it home or some multi-storied building. If the concrete foundation is strong then the overall structure will be almost perfect in terms of strength.

In order to calculate the amount of concrete required you need to calculate the area to be covered with concrete. The area is then converted to volume and the reinforcements, if present, are also need to be considered in the calculation.

Download Concrete calculator and concrete estimating sheet for free.

Doing all the calculation manually seems quite a big task taking too much of your precious time. So why not use a well prepared worksheet to do this task for you.

The Concrete Slab Estimation Calculator Sheet minimizes your work to negligible. All you need to do is enter the length, width and breadth of the slab, and the calculator will give you the estimate of amount of concrete required. Even if your concrete has some reinforcements, then just select the type of reinforcement, enter its dimensions and the worksheet will calculate the concrete amount accordingly.

Working with worksheet is quite easy, it is user-friendly with automated functions which reduces unnecessary work load. Just make a few entries and your estimation is done for you.

The video here, elaborately explains how the complete calculation for concrete slab estimation is done using the sheet.

Download Concrete Calculator and Make Concrete Estimating Easy

Download Concrete Calculator Sheet at:

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