How to Create Construction Punch List Template in Excel, Download Construction Punch List Template FREE

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How to Create Construction Punch List Template in Excel 2010. Download 8+ construction punch list in ms excel and word format for free.

The document which is prepared by the owner near the end of a construction project is called the Punch list. It is the listing of all the work that does not conform to the contract specifications, however the contractor has to do it before receiving the final payment. The list of work may include incomplete or incorrect installations or incidental damage to existing finishes, material, and structures.

Usually, the general conditions of the contract requires the contractor to declare that the project has reached a “substantial completion” and request a pre-final inspection by the owner. The contractor, after discussions with the owner, generates a punch list of items to completed and corrected.

Examples of punch list items include damaged building components, like repair broken window, replace stained wallboard, repair cracked paving, etc., or problems with the final installation of building materials or equipment like reinstall peeling carpet, replace missing roof shingles, fire and pressure test boiler, obtain elevator use permit, activate security system, etc.

How to create Construction Punch List using Excel 2010:

The Construction Punch list worksheet outlines each and every aspect the owner and the contractor need to check during the inspection. The worksheet can be customized according to the needs. The unnecessary items can be deleted and more items can be added. Using the worksheet eliminates the need to remember the things to check as they are already present in the worksheet. Just read the worksheet, note down the observations, put comments against the items that need attending and mark the punch. Your Construction Punch List is ready.

So download the Construction Punch list Worksheet and make the inspections fast and accurate. Leave the fear of losing out behind, be confident about the perfect observation. Have the perfect houses, buildings, construction projects on completion.

Download 8+ free template of Construction Punch List worksheet in excel and word format

Download Construction Punch List Template


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