Costimator Estimating Software – Review and Download A Free Trial Pack

Construction Estimating

The rough calculation of the cost of a program, project, or operation is the Cost Estimate. This overall estimation process results in the cost estimate. The cost estimate has a single total value and may have identifiable component values. Providing a cost estimation which is not only accurate but also profitable to the contractor is the main aim of the estimation.

Using a software to carry out long and cumbersome calculation is the better option than doing it manually. Using a software for estimation makes the work faster, easier and efficient. MTI Systems now offer a Free trial license of the most popular estimating software called Costimator.

The manufacturer or the contractor or anyone who needs to use this software don’t have to pay anything to access the technology and to make value for their business.

It rarely happens that a contractor or manufacturer follows any systematic method to calculate the building or assembling cost. It is subjective and depends on the individual choice. This creates discrepancies and may affect the business relationships.

Using the Costimator not only reduces unnecessary workload but also provides a standard calculation procedure which is widely acceptable. Estimating using Costimator is profitable to the users as it is free of cost and provides quick, precise and reliable estimates.

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