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Building Estimation is the activity of quantifying the materials, labor and equipment needed to complete a construction project. Building estimating can concern diverse forms of construction from residential properties to hi-rise and civil works.

Estimating a building cost is a lengthy and time consuming process. The cost estimate has a single total value and may have identifiable component values. Building cost estimation heads include Services works, Finishing works, civil works, Consultant cost and Site establishment & temporary works.

Estimating the building cost is an important part of submitting a tender. A customer does not prefer to wait too long for you to make the estimate. The work here needs to fast and accurate. Doing estimates by hand is slow, out of date, and inefficient and an irresponsible use of time. Regardless of the kind of work you do, today’s customers want a quote in a timely manner. There may be instances of cost overruns, which causes loss to the customer and questions the credibility of the estimation. A problem with a cost overrun can be avoided with a credible, reliable, and accurate cost estimate.

Building Estimating Template Download Free

To speed up work and increase your market value with error-free work, it’s time to move to computerized estimating tool. A template for Building Estimation lets you work faster with less remaining to remember and getting more towards precision. The template here is free to download, easy to work with, user friendly with automated functions. The template can be customized according to the need of the user. All you need to do is collect and enter the values; the automated functions will do all the calculations for you. Have the efficiency and accuracy in singe package.

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