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The horizontal member of any construction framework is called Beam. When this beam is subjected to loading, bending moments and internal stresses develop at different points in the beam to counterbalance the deflections due to loading.

Beam Deflection Calculator is a software which can be used to calculate deflection, slope, bending moment, shear forces and reactions in different beams like simply supported beams and cantilever beams. All you are required to do is select the type of beam, dimension of beam, type of loading and material properties. The Beam Deflection calculator brings forth the results by calculating the bending moment and shear forces, finally giving the diagrams BMD and SFD.

The different methods which are used to calculate the Beam Deflections are:

  • Double-integration method
  • Area-moment method
  • Strain-energy method
  • Conjugate-beam method
  • Method of superposition

Using Beam Deflection Calculator makes the overall procedure easier and efficient. The software can be downloaded from the below link.

Beam Deflection Formula

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